Why RED??

Originally from the Lone Star State, the founding members Blake Byrd, Rocket Thrall and Justin Johnson are just the leaders of FLOCK. Based in Los Angeles their “Texas Raised, LA Braised” sound mixes together roots of Southern Rock-n-Roll, plenty of poppy dance grooves, and group vocals that have you moving and singing along the entire show.

The inspiration for FLOCK comes from the idea of inclusion. Upon entering the show fans are handed a temporary tattoo of the logo that the band all displays proudly! Combined with all red wardrobe and staging it's easy for anyone to join the FLOCK. Forget about where you have to be in the morning, forget about the drama lingering from the day. meet someone new, hear their story, because you just might have more in common than you first expect. It’s funny how life works likes this, but when you’re here, you’ll know this is where you are supposed to be.